PM Modi Inaugurates Boeing’s Largest Campus Outside US in Bengaluru

India’s Rising Aviation Hub

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Boeing’s new global engineering and technology campus near Bengaluru. The state-of-the-art Boeing India Engineering and Technology Centre (BIETC) campus, built at a cost of Rs 1,600 crore, is the aviation giant’s largest such investment outside the US.

A Catalyst for Innovation

The 43-acre campus, located at the Hightech Defence and Aerospace Park in Devanahalli on the outskirts of Bengaluru, is envisioned to become a cornerstone for partnerships with startups, as well as the private and government sectors in India. This collaboration aims to foster the development of next-generation products and services for the global aerospace and defence industry.

Prime Minister Modi’s Remarks

“Bengaluru is a city that connects aspirations with innovations and achievements,” said PM Modi after inaugurating the centre. “It connects India’s tech potential with global demand. This new global technology campus of Boeing will strengthen Bengaluru’s identity.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

He further added, “This facility displays India’s commitment to drive global tech, research and innovation, design and demand. It strengthens the resolve of Make in India, Make for the World.”

Boeing’s Commitment to India

David L. Calhoun, Boeing President and CEO, stated, “We are honoured and privileged to support Prime Minister Modi’s transformative vision for India, and we are grateful to have him dedicate the Boeing campus to foster aerospace innovation in the country.”

Boeing’s engineering centres in Bengaluru and Chennai together employ 6,000 engineers, working in the fields of mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering for current and future aviation programs. The centres contribute to various projects, including avionics software applications, data science & analytics, enterprise systems, flight & vehicle technologies, and platform development. With 57,000 engineers globally, 13.9% of Boeing’s engineering workforce is based outside the US, and BIETC plays a crucial role in the company’s global engineering expansion.

Supporting India’s Aspiring Aviation Professionals

In addition to inaugurating the BIETC campus, Prime Minister Modi also launched the Boeing Sukanya Program. This initiative aims to support young women in participating in India’s growing aviation sector. The program will provide opportunities for girls and women across India to acquire critical skills in STEM fields and prepare for careers in aviation.

The Boeing Sukanya Program will establish STEM Labs at 150 planned locations across India to spark interest in STEM careers among young girls. It will also offer scholarships to women pursuing pilot training, including investments in flight training curriculum, certification acquisition, simulator training funding, and career development programs.

Stephanie Pope, Chief Operating Officer of The Boeing Company, expressed her enthusiasm about the program, stating, “We are thrilled for Prime Minister Modi to have personally launched the Boeing Sukanya Program. Together, we will help expand opportunity for women across India to pursue careers and leadership positions in the aviation sector.”

A Longstanding Partnership

Boeing’s relationship with India dates back to the 1940s when the Indian Air Force acquired two Boeing aircraft – the T-6 Texan (Harvard Advanced Trainer) made by North American Aviation, and the C-47 Skytrain military transport, a military variant of the DC-3, made by McDonnell Douglas.

The inauguration of the BIETC campus and the launch of the Boeing Sukanya Program mark a significant milestone in Boeing’s partnership with India. These initiatives demonstrate the company’s commitment to supporting India’s growth in the aerospace sector and fostering the next generation of skilled aviation professionals.

Looking Ahead

The BIETC campus is poised to play a pivotal role in India’s aerospace ambitions. It will serve as a hub for collaboration and innovation, driving the development of cutting-edge technologies and propelling India’s position as a major player in the global aerospace industry. The Boeing Sukanya Program, meanwhile, has the potential to empower countless young women and unlock their talent, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive aviation workforce in India.

With its focus on innovation, collaboration, and talent development, the partnership between Boeing and India holds immense promise for the future of the aerospace industry in both countries.

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