“Baap Kaun?”: Fighter goes patriotic and showcase India’s aerial response to Pulwama attack in the trailer

Anticipation for Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone’s upcoming film, “Fighter,” has soared to stratospheric heights with the release of its adrenaline-pumping trailer. Unveiled on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, the three-minute glimpse into the world of fighter pilots promises aerial action, patriotic fervour, and a captivating debut to watch out for.

Witness the Power of Courage as ‘Fighter’ Pays Tribute to National Heroes.

The trailer sets the stage for a story woven around the elite Air Dragons unit of the Indian Air Force. We’re introduced to Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania (Hrithik Roshan), a man whose heart belongs to the sky and whose life is dedicated to serving his country. Alongside him, Squadron Leader Minal Rathore (Deepika Padukone) emerges as a formidable force, her steely resolve and unwavering courage mirroring Shamsher’s own.

But the shadows of looming threats linger, fuelled by the searing pain of the Pulwama attack. This pivotal moment serves as a turning point, igniting a burning desire for vengeance and propelling the Air Dragons unit towards a high-stakes mission. The trailer masterfully captures the camaraderie, unwavering courage, and unwavering dedication to duty that bind these aerial warriors together.

Beyond the breath-taking aerial manoeuvres and heart-pounding action sequences, “Fighter” pulsates with an undeniable patriotic spirit. Each frame resonates with a deep love for India, urging viewers to celebrate the unsung heroes who safeguard our nation from unseen dangers. The powerful dialogues hit all the right notes, echoing the emotions of a nation united in its resolve to protect its soil.

Unveiling the Unyielding Spirit of the Indian Air Force in the Face of Adversity

But the spotlight isn’t solely on the established stars. Actor Rishabh Sahni, making his Bollywood debut, steals the show with his portrayal of the film’s villain. His intense screen presence and equal footing with Hrithik in the combat sequences promise a villain worthy of the high-octane narrative. Sahni’s journey from web series like “The Empire” and “Bestseller” to sharing the screen with powerhouses like Hrithik and Deepika marks a noteworthy debut to keep an eye on.

The trailer has sent ripples through the industry, receiving rave reviews from celebrities and fans alike. Ranveer Singh’s “I’m gobsmacked!” perfectly encapsulates the general sentiment, while Hrithik’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan’s “This is brilliant!!!” speaks volumes about the film’s impact. Bollywood veterans like Rakesh Roshan and Bhumi Pednekar add their voices to the chorus of praise, further adding to the excitement surrounding the film’s release.

With Siddharth Anand at the helm, “Fighter” boasts of not just a talented cast and a gripping narrative, but also a production value that elevates the experience. Primarily shot at Indian air bases with real Sukhoi fighter jets, the film promises an immersive and authentic portrayal of the lives and challenges of fighter pilots.

Deepika Padukone’s first on-screen collaboration with Hrithik Roshan adds another layer of intrigue to the project. The trailer hints at a dynamic partnership, fuelled by mutual respect and an unwavering resolve to conquer the skies together.

More than just an action flick, “Fighter” promises a cinematic experience that transcends genres. It celebrates the strength of the human spirit, the power of love for one’s country, and the unwavering dedication of those who stand guard against unseen threats. The film is set to soar into theatres on Republic Day, January 25, 2024, promising to ignite patriotism, fuel adrenaline rushes, and leave audiences in awe with its breath-taking aerial choreography and compelling narrative.

So, prepare for take-off as “Fighter” takes flight. Buckle up for a journey that will soar through the skies, touch the hearts of every patriot, and introduce a villainous debutant poised to set Bollywood ablaze.

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