Ranbir Kapoor shares news about Animal sequel, Animal Park

Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal, a film drenched in blood, vengeance, and primal emotions, has left audiences shaken and stirred since its release. Now, with its recent arrival on Netflix, the flames of debate have been rekindled, igniting conversations about toxic masculinity, artistic expression, and the future of this controversial saga.

Ranbir Kapoor Unveils Secrets

While tongues still wag over the original film’s dark undertones and morally ambiguous characters, whispers of its sequel, Animal Park, have begun to tantalize fans. And who better to shed light on this shrouded project than the film’s enigmatic lead, Ranbir Kapoor himself?

In a candid conversation with comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi for Netflix India, Ranbir peeled back the layers of secrecy surrounding Animal’s production, revealing a fascinating insight into the director’s vision and his own process. He admitted that during filming, even seasoned actors like Bobby Deol and Anil Kapoor were kept largely in the dark about the film’s intricate narrative.

Behind the Scenes of Animal

“Sandeep (Reddy Vanga, the director),” Ranbir said, “was very secretive about his script. He had one or two scenes for Animal Park ready, which he narrated to me, and they are very exciting.” This tantalizing glimpse into the sequel’s potential suggests a continuation of the raw intensity and exploration of human darkness that defined the first film.


But Animal’s impact goes far beyond its visceral thrills. The film’s success, Ranbir believes, has emboldened Vanga to push the boundaries even further with Animal Park. “Now, because of the success of part one,” Ranbir explained, “he has the confidence and courage to go even darker, deeper and more complex. He can do anything.”

From Toxic Masculinity to Artistic Expression

This evolution promises a sequel that delves even deeper into the murky depths of the human psyche, potentially confronting even more uncomfortable truths and challenging viewers’ perceptions. Vanga, it seems, is unafraid to wield his cinematic scalpel, dissecting the underbelly of human nature with unflinching precision.

Ranbir kapoor

However, Ranbir’s conversation with Bassi wasn’t just about the future. He also addressed the critical reception of Animal, which ranged from grudging admiration to vehement disapproval. While acknowledging the negative reviews, he emphasized the film’s ability to spark crucial conversations within society.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Perspective

“There is a very healthy conversation that has started about toxic masculinity also, which is a great thing,” he observed. Ranbir believes that cinema’s power lies not just in entertainment, but in its ability to hold a mirror to society, prompting introspection and challenging ingrained norms.

“If something is wrong,” he continued, “if you don’t show that it is wrong, and unless conversation starts in the society, we will never realise it. So the roles we are playing, those are characters. It is very important that as actors, we have empathy for them because we need to play it. But as an audience, you should decide what’s wrong. You can make a film on the wrong person and it should be made. Because if you don’t make a film on them, society will never improve.”

Ranbir Kapoor’s Insights

Ranbir’s words resonate with the core purpose of art: to provoke, question, and ultimately, to inspire change. He acknowledges that Animal’s characters may be morally reprehensible, but by confronting their darkness, viewers are forced to grapple with uncomfortable realities and potentially re-evaluate their own values.

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Animal, then, becomes more than just a film; it becomes a catalyst for societal progress. It’s a stark reminder that true growth often requires confronting our shadows, and that even the darkest corners of human experience can hold valuable lessons if we dare to shine a light upon them.

As we await the arrival of Animal Park, Ranbir’s words leave us with a sense of anticipation tinged with trepidation. We know the journey will be dark, but we also know it has the potential to be transformative. Vanga, armed with newfound confidence and a willingness to push boundaries, is poised to deliver a cinematic experience that will resonate long after the credits roll. Whether you embrace or reject its darkness, one thing is certain: Animal Park promises to be a film that will not easily be forgotten.

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