Political Turmoil Unfolds in Bihar as Congress MLAs Seek Shelter Amid Congress Split Speculations

In the heart of political upheaval, Bihar witnesses a dramatic turn of events as 16 Congress MLAs from the state are flown to Hyderabad amid growing concerns of a potential split within the party. The move comes just days before the crucial Assembly floor test scheduled for February 12, raising suspicions of the BJP’s alleged attempts to dismantle the Mahagathbandhan alliance. Meanwhile, in neighboring Jharkhand, 40 MLAs from the ruling JMM and Congress alliance return to Ranchi, setting the stage for a contentious Assembly floor test.

The Flight to Hyderabad

As the 16 Congress MLAs are airlifted from Delhi to Hyderabad, speculations intensify over the motives behind this unexpected relocation. State Congress leaders express apprehension about the BJP’s alleged endeavors to lure away legislators, potentially dealing a severe blow to the Mahagathbandhan alliance. Despite the alliance’s clear majority in the 253-member House, concerns about a possible split persist, adding a layer of complexity to the political landscape.

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BJP’s Response

In response to the Congress’s move, the BJP accuses the Opposition party of treating its MLAs “like bonded laborers.” Senior BJP leader and Deputy CM Vijay Kumar Sinha dismisses the allegations as baseless and urges the Congress to trust its legislators. The BJP’s strong stance adds fuel to the already tense political atmosphere in Bihar.

Congress’s Fears of split in Bihar

State Congress leaders reveal that concerns about a potential split within the party have been looming for some time. The speculation gained momentum during Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Bihar on January 29 and 30. The party leadership had reportedly called MLAs to Delhi amid growing unease, further fueling suspicions of a BJP-backed attempt to weaken the Mahagathbandhan alliance.

Congress Spokesperson’s Statement

Bihar Congress spokesperson Asit Nath Tiwari confirms the MLAs’ relocation to Hyderabad but downplays the situation, stating that the legislators expressed a wish to visit the party’s Hyderabad unit. Tiwari assures that the MLAs will return to Patna after spending a few days in Hyderabad, attempting to downplay the significance of the move.

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Recent Developments:

This episode is not the first instance of turbulence within the Bihar Congress. Last week, as Bihar CM Nitish Kumar contemplated breaking the alliance with the JD(U), reports surfaced about the unavailability of some Congress MLAs. To address the situation, the party dispatched former Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel to Patna as a special observer, highlighting the volatility within the political landscape.

Hindustani Awam Morcha’s Demand:

Adding another layer to the political dynamics, former CM and Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular) leader Jitan Ram Manjhi reiterates his party’s demand for an additional Cabinet berth in the Nitish Kumar-led government. Manjhi emphasizes the party’s right to two ministries, citing the lone Independent MLA’s inclusion in the cabinet as precedent. The demand further complicates the political scenario, as the BJP’s top leadership is made aware of Manjhi’s insistence on more representation.

As Bihar braces for the impending Assembly floor test, the sudden relocation of Congress MLAs to Hyderabad raises questions about the stability of the Mahagathbandhan alliance and the BJP’s potential role in influencing the political landscape. The state finds itself at the center of a high-stakes political drama, with the outcome of the trust vote holding significant implications for the future of the alliances and the balance of power in Bihar. The evolving situation demands close scrutiny as the political narrative continues to unfold.

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