Maldives Political Drama: Calls for President to Step Down Amidst Controversial Comments on PM Modi

In a surprising turn of events, Ali Azim, the Parliamentary Minority leader in the Maldives, has sparked a political firestorm by calling for the removal of President Mohamed Muizzu. This bold move comes hot on the heels of derogatory remarks made against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by several Maldivian ministers, unleashing a wave of social media outrage and diplomatic tensions.

Twitter Wars and No-Confidence Vote Against President Muizzu

On Monday, Azim took to the popular platform X (formerly Twitter) to express his dissatisfaction and urge fellow Democrats to take action. “We, Democrats, are dedicated to upholding the stability of the nation’s foreign policy and preventing the isolation of any neighboring country. Are you willing to take all necessary steps to remove President @MMuizzu from power? Is @MDPSecretariat prepared to initiate a vote of no confidence?,” Azim tweeted, setting the stage for a political showdown.

The call for a vote of no confidence against President Muizzu is a bold move that could reshape the political landscape in the Maldives. As the nation watches, the question looms: will Azim’s call gain momentum, and what consequences might it bring for the current administration?

Controversial Remarks on Modi: Fallout and Diplomatic Tensions

The political saga unfolded after several Maldivian ministers made derogatory comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi following his recent visit to Lakshadweep. The incident sent shockwaves across social media, with many Indians expressing their dismay and even cancelling scheduled trips to the Maldives in protest.


In a swift response, the Maldivian government suspended three deputy ministers on Sunday for their inflammatory remarks. The Maldivian foreign ministry, distancing itself from the controversy, stated that the personal views expressed on social media do not represent the country’s official position. Meanwhile, the Maldivian envoy to India was summoned to the External Affairs Ministry on Monday, where strong concerns over the derogatory remarks were conveyed.

As the diplomatic fallout continues, the Maldives finds itself at a crossroads, balancing internal political pressures and external relations. The stakes are high, with the tourism industry—a crucial economic pillar—hanging in the balance.

Bollywood and Cricket Icons Join the Fray

In a surprising twist, several notable figures from the Indian entertainment industry and sports fraternity have waded into the controversy, urging the public to explore “Indian islands” and coastal destinations. Bollywood megastars Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, and Akshay Kumar, along with cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, have taken to social media to encourage Indians to consider domestic travel options.

The hashtag #Lakshwadeep is gaining traction as a symbol of solidarity and a subtle jab at the Maldives. With over 2 lakh Indians visiting the Maldives annually, the tourism industry is a significant economic driver for the island nation. The call to explore domestic destinations serves as both a patriotic gesture and a reminder of the economic impact that diplomatic spats can have on nations heavily reliant on tourism.

Indians Reconsider Travel Plans to Maldives

The repercussions of the political turmoil are already being felt in the tourism sector. According to data from the Maldives Tourism Ministry, over 17 lakh tourists visited the island in 2023, with Indians accounting for more than 2,09,198 of these visitors the most from any country followed by Russians. The threat of a boycott by Indian tourists looms large, potentially jeopardizing the thriving industry.

Tourism, a vital source of revenue for the Maldives, now hangs in the balance as Indians reconsider their travel plans. With celebrities endorsing domestic destinations and social media buzzing with discussions on the political saga, the Maldives finds itself navigating not just a political storm but an economic one as well.

In the midst of political upheaval, diplomatic tensions, and celebrity endorsements for domestic travel, the Maldives stands at a critical juncture. The coming days will reveal whether Azim’s call for the president’s removal gains traction and what impact it will have on the nation’s political and economic landscape. Stay tuned as this spicy saga unfolds on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

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