Prajwal Revanna Scandal: Former PM HD Deve Gowda Issues Ultimatum

The political landscape of Karnataka has been rocked by serious allegations against Prajwal Revanna, the grandson of former Prime Minister and JD(S) chief HD Deve Gowda. Prajwal Revanna, who was contesting for the Hassan Lok Sabha seat, is facing multiple accusations of sexual abuse, including rape, sexual assault, disrobing women, and forcibly recording sexual acts to intimidate his victims.

HD Deve Gowda has issued a stern warning to his grandson, Prajwal Revanna, urging him to return to India and face the charges. “Surrender or face the anger of your family,” Gowda declared, emphasizing the family’s resolve to see justice served. Gowda’s pain and sense of betrayal were evident in his public letter, where he recounted the shock and distress inflicted on his family, colleagues, and supporters.

He made it clear that if Prajwal Revanna is found guilty, he should receive the harshest punishment under the law. This tough stance is also supported by Gowda’s son and former Karnataka Chief Minister, HD Kumaraswamy.

Prajwal Revanna Allegations and Flight to Germany

Prajwal Revanna’s troubles began to surface publicly after he reportedly fled to Germany on April 27, just a day after the polling concluded in Hassan. His sudden departure, right before the allegations became public, has raised suspicions. An Interpol Blue Corner Notice has been issued by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and there is an active arrest warrant from a Special Court.

Prajwal Revanna

HD Revanna, Prajwal’s father, who is a JD(S) MLA, is also embroiled in legal issues. He faces charges of molestation and kidnapping. Earlier this month, he was arrested but later released on bail. These charges stem from a complaint by a man who accused Revanna of kidnapping his mother, a housemaid employed at his residence. The accuser alleges that a video surfaced showing Prajwal sexually assaulting his mother, who then disappeared.

Calls for Swift Justice and Protection for Witnesses

The scandal has drawn strong reactions from various quarters. Over 100 intellectuals in Karnataka have petitioned Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for Prajwal’s immediate arrest and demanded protective measures for the witnesses involved. They also called for an investigation into those who might have helped Prajwal flee the country.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has made several appeals to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging swift action to cancel Prajwal’s diplomatic passport, which was allegedly used to escape. Despite these efforts, there has been no significant response from the central government.

In his heartfelt letter, HD Deve Gowda concludes with a stern warning to Prajwal: “At this juncture, I can do only one thing. I can issue a stern warning to Prajwal and ask him to return from wherever he is and surrender before the police. He should subject himself to the legal process. This is not an appeal that I am making, it is a warning that I am issuing. If he does not heed this warning, he will have to face my anger and the anger of all his family members. The law will take care of the accusations against him, but not listening to the family will ensure his total isolation. If he has any respect left for me, he has to return immediately.”

The unfolding scandal continues to garner significant attention and calls for justice, with many watching to see how the situation will be resolved.

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