T20 World Cup 2024 Drama: Wasim Akram Roasts Pakistan Team Post Early Exit

In a dramatic twist of events at the T20 World Cup 2024, Pakistan’s campaign came crashing down early, and cricket legend Wasim Akram didn’t hold back in his critique. As the team prepared for an early flight home, Akram had some spicy comments about their performance and future plans.

USA Makes History, Pakistan Plots Flight Home

The unexpected inclement weather at Lauderhill in Florida threw a wrench into the team’s plans, leading to a split of points between Ireland and the USA. This twist of fate allowed the USA team to make history by qualifying for the Super 8 stage in their first-ever T20 World Cup appearance. Akram, ever the sharp-tongued commentator, congratulated Team USA for their incredible achievement and used the moment to throw some shade at his own national team.

Wasim Akram’s Sarcastic Send-off

Pakistan Wasim Akram

Akram’s sarcastic remarks didn’t end with praise for the USA. He openly mocked Pakistan’s early exit and suggested that their next move should be to board flight EK 601 to Dubai and then head to their respective cities. In a video shared by the ICC on social media, Akram said, “Yeah, absolutely. And congratulations to Team USA. They’ve done amazingly well when you talk about globalization of the game. This is it, USA qualifying for Super Eights. They deserve to be there. They had beaten Pakistan in the round match. So they are there. And for Pakistan, the plan is EK 601 to Dubai and then to the respective cities. And then we see what happens from there onwards.”

Watch the Video here: Wasim Akram Savage take on Pakistan

Gloomy Skies and Gloomier Performances

Pakistan’s tournament was already on shaky ground, but the gloomy skies of Florida seemed to have sealed their fate. With only one win against Canada, their chances were slim. Their next match against Ireland on June 16 is also under threat due to flashflood warnings and continuous rain. Akram’s comments hit harder as this is the earliest exit Pakistan has faced in T20 World Cup history, bowing out after just three games.

Former Players Lash Out at Babar Azam

The fallout from the dismissive performance of one of the favourites of the tournament, and their poor performance has been severe, with former players and fans turning their criticism towards captain Babar Azam. Both his form and his leadership have come under fire, adding to the team’s woes. This harsh scrutiny highlights the disappointment and frustration surrounding Pakistan’s abrupt exit from the tournament.

In conclusion, while Team USA is celebrating a historic milestone, Pakistan is left to lick its wounds and contemplate their next steps amidst harsh criticism and a turbulent tournament experience.

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